Rabbit Ideas

By Alex Kurtev

RI will help you cope with your personal life and career by sharing with you some useful resources and food for thought. Get on board!

RI will help you cope with your personal life and career by sharing with you some useful resources and food for thought. Get on board!

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Rabbit Ideas #094

Create powerful smart infographics and visuals without any design skills.There are some songs that you like because of the music and do not really like the vocals? Or there are some vocals you want to use to remix a song. With SongDonkey you can separate voca…


Rabbit Ideas #093

Simple, free email reminders for birthdays and events you don't want to forget. Every month Friendly Reminder sends you a simple email with all the important events and people you shouldn’t forget.Search for a great recipe to cook with stovetop.


Rabbit Ideas #092

If you are interested in football you will definitely love this one. Offside bar delivers the daily football news straight to your inbox. From transfers to performances to updates they will help you become football smart in 5 mins.Discover the next hyped alt …


Rabbit Ideas #091

Rrrelax is a little web app, which will help you to breathe deep and slow. And this is something we all need these days.While you're testing the market and validating your idea, there is no need to spend a fortune commissioning a decent-looking logo. Tenscope…


Rabbit Ideas #090

You can use Erase.bg to remove background from images of humans, animals or objects and download high-resolution images for free. There are countless such tools on the web today. What I want to stress out about this one is the use of the .bg domain. This is a…


Rabbit Ideas #089

Making decisions shouldn't be so hard. Condorsay pairs human judgment with GPT-3, a powerful language AI, to power quick and confident decisions with clarity, focus, and alignment.


Rabbit Ideas #088

With Investfora you can find inspiration for your next investment from reviews and posts by other users, for stocks and cryptocurrencies across multiple markets. Contribute with your own thoughts and views under your favorite instruments.Create PDFs on the go…


Rabbit Ideas #087

Let's think outside the box and imagine a place where you can gather with your teammates wherever you are! Welcome to WorkAdventure: your virtual office, your digital event and your virtual campus!


Rabbit Ideas #086

Lofi.co will help you relax with a mixture of beautiful artworks and calming sounds. You can control parts of the scene and mix the sounds you want into the scene. I played with it for a couple of minutes and I really find it calming.


Rabbit Ideas #085

Reasons not to use Apple.


Rabbit Ideas #084

Arbington is a global educational marketplace where anybody can learn, and anybody can teach!Hola🔮 Pablito Planeta, your Design Astrologist, is here to tell you about your future! MyOffice is your own virtual office to chat with anyone. Easily interact with f…


Rabbit Ideas #083

The one and only place to find all the recommended books by Bill Gates with video reviews by Bill.Organize web articles into a newspaper and track your progress with periodical.


Rabbit Ideas #082

Crypto is the only asset class which is publicly supported by your favorite stars, sportsman and even politician. Get to know them.


Rabbit Ideas #081

Toshilist gives you access to 270+ handpicked cryptocurrency resources. Featuring news, games, altfolios, nft marketplaces, wallets, exchanges, lending, tax, podcasts, influencers and jobs


Rabbit Ideas #080

If you are like me and love to buy domains just to have them you can check Domainport. It is a portfolio for your domains.Whyther is clean and nice-looking weather forecast website. Period. The other day one of my friends told me that he invests heavily in wi…


Rabbit Ideas #079

Use products that are designed with privacy in mind with Privacy First Products.Learn English idioms the fun way — so you can understand what native speakers are actually talking about. Oh, and you can also translate it to your native language.


Rabbit Ideas #078

A collection of free tools for helping anyone learn a new language. Free forever, no login required.


Rabbit Ideas #077

The easiest bookmark sharing tool


Rabbit Ideas #076

Meaning Monkey is a free online dictionary, with the meaning and definition of 140.000+ words.Run your team with a single weekly doc. Keep everyone on the same page without endless configuration & maintenance. Focus your energy on what you do best. All po…


Rabbit Ideas #075

The amount of sleep you get predicts your work performance, your mood, your physical health, and so much else. Here’s how to get more of it, starting tonight.