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By Alex Kurtev

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We find useful online resources and share them with you so you don't have to search. Subscribe now to receive our new issues every Sunday.

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RI#124 - Think better/The 3 meals myth/News without noise

Untools is a collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions and understand systems.If you are like me and have many domains and websites you can keep an eye on all of them using Domain Monitor.


RI#123 - Fast workout/Why people name their things?/Privacy friendly apps

The Scientific 7-minute Workout contains 12 exercises deploying only body weight, a chair and a wall. Oh, and by the way - all of this is based on science. P.S. Below it you will find one more.Slow Social is a social network built for growing and sustaining f…


RI#122 - Is Bitcoin dead?/How to raise a reader?/Toxic productivity/Read later app and more

Read Later is a simple bookmarking solution. Email the link you like to bookmark, to the given email address and get readable version of the link to your inbox.Bitcoin Is Dead is the #1 database of notable Bitcoin skeptics. One day this website will be one of…


RI#121 - Simple blogging/Your personal manifesto/Remember recommendations and more

We live in a busy world. Mataroa.blog is a naked blogging platform, for minimalists. No ads, zero tracking. Just write.You think you know the country flags of the world? You can check your knowledge with Flaggr.


RI#120 - Law of 100/Big tech is listening/Instagram for music and more

Doing something 100 times can form new habits or break old ones. Law of 100 helps you choose, track and share your 100-day progress.Breathing exercises for when you need to focus, calm down, or personalized by yourself.


Rabbit Ideas #119

Remove unwanted things from images with Magic Eraser. Upload an image, mark the bit you need removed, download the fixed up image. It's free.Find, organize, and understand all your online files. Dokkio gives you and your team a single place where files from a…


Rabbit Ideas #118

Discover 300+ popular open source alternatives to your proprietary SaaS.This one is very relevant these days. GlobalPetrolPrices tracks the retail prices of motor fuel, electricity, and natural gas in over 150 countries. Each data point is collected and cross…


Rabbit Ideas #117

♟️ Chess and chat gives you one new chess puzzle every day so you can keep your mind busy. For me the first puzzle was not very hard, but I will definitely check tomorrows one.A graveyard for discontinued products from Apple, Google and Microsoft


Rabbit Ideas #116

Launched in January of 2012, The Museum of Endangered Sounds is a way to preserve the sounds of old technologies and electronics equipment.Neverinstall supercharges your favorite apps with lightning-fast internet speeds and powerful computing.


Rabbit Ideas #115

Letterpad is a blog publishing platform. It has a minimal footprint in terms of features and is best suited for personal blogs.Browse more than 50,000 free-for-all videos lectures. Start your learning journey now with Neovidya!


Rabbit Ideas #114

Do you want to quickly check cryptocurrency prices on a lightweight and fast platform? Check coinranking.comKicksaas has to offer some really cool SaaS (Sofware as a Service) apps, resources, & websites to help you with just about anything.


Rabbit Ideas #113

Store your passwords, manage sensitive data, fill in forms and login to your favorite sites within one click. Locker is here to help.With Papyr, you can effortlessly save, share and read articles, essays and blogs from all over the web. Create collections, fo…


Rabbit Ideas #112

The Refresh from Insider is a uniquely engaging audio brief that quickly updates you on the latest business, tech, current events, and lifestyle news, preparing you to meet personal and professional goals throughout the day.Meet Andi - Next Generation Search.…


Rabbit Ideas #111

Supernotes is your new home for ideas, records, tasks, and lists. Enjoy efficient note-taking without the hassle.Hand-drawn icons using an icon grid. 400+ icons with 15 categories. Free for personal & commercial use. No attribution required


Rabbit Ideas #110

Netflix uses a unique system to categorize the available titles on it's platform - the movies and TV shows. Strangely, Netflix does not have all the specific granular categories listed. You have to rely on search which is a hit or miss. In this site, you will…


Rabbit Ideas #109

Lynkmark is simple & modern way to bookmark all your favorite stuff in one place.A place for your game news. Designed for creators and players.


Rabbit Ideas #108

Black never goes out of style. Blackstyle.design is bringing you unique black products from all over the world. 🖤 I am sharing this with you mainly to check the idea and the marketing of the website. There is a lot you can take from these guys.Recall is your …


Rabbit Ideas #107

Whether you're a freelancer, small business or large organization, on this curated platform you will find the best free online marketing tools for beginners & professionals.rDrop is a simple P2P file transfer service. No compression, no size limit, secure…


Rabbit Ideas #106

See events shaping cryptocurrency world. Read news collected from many sources in different languages. News is sorted into categories such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, DeFi, Blockchain, NFT, Analytics, Mining, Regulation, Other.This is a list of awesome t…


Rabbit Ideas Turns 2 (#105)

Hello, people. On this date, exactly two years ago, the first issue of Rabbit Ideas came out. You can see it here. It was sent to a single subscriber - me. Since then, exactly 104 issues have come out. I like every single photo, every link, every quote I shar…