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RI#159 - The end of writing/Easy databases/Interactive habit app

RI#159 - The end of writing/Easy databases/Interactive habit app
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🌐 Websites

  • Create your own online database without technical experience. Baserow is a no-code tool that gives you the powers of a developer without leaving your browser.
  • scr.im converts your email address into a short custom URLs, that can be shared on public websites. This prevents your email id from getting picked up by spam robots, and email harvesters who are on a constant lookout from your email id.

πŸ“ Articles

  • The End of Writing shows us the dark future that AI may bring. And reminds us how important language is.
  • 100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying. Whether it’s taking fruit to work (and to the bedroom!), being polite to rude strangers or taking up skinny-dipping, here’s a century of ways to make life better, with little effort involved

πŸ“š Books

15 Places You Can Read Free Books Online
Support your reading habit without paying a dime (or taking a trip to the library!) These websites have millions of free books to read online.

πŸ“± Apps

  • Fabulous is an entertaining and interactive habit app that helps you improve your energy levels, fitness, sleep, and productivity. Based on scientifically proven techniques, you're challenged to complete daily meditation, work, creativity, exercise, and other types of self-improvement sessions to help you change your habits in as little as 19 days. /Android, iOS, Web
  • Countless photo editing apps offer professional editing tools and effects, but nothing compares to the artistic capabilities of Photoleap. This app goes beyond common editing features like cropping and applying filters. It offers unique tools like superimposed imagery, photo mixing, layering, blending, and more that appeal to your creative side. /iOS

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✨ Inspiration

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