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RI#160 - Crypto news/Philosophical consepts/Optic weather

RI#160 - Crypto news/Philosophical consepts/Optic weather
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Let's check this week's links!

🌐 Websites

  • DailyCoin is a crypto news outlet with a focus on the cryptocurrency economy and a mission to serve the next generation of investors worldwide. With a focus on breaking stories around the crypto world, DailyCoin aims to provide market participants with unbiased industry news, in-depth analytical insights, and high-quality, educational guidance on the fundamentals of decentralized assets.
  • Saved.io is the simplest bookmarking tool ever! Just type saved.io/ in front of any URL to save a bookmark to the cloud

📝 Articles

  • The big idea: could you have made different choices in life? We can’t change what’s happened – but we can learn to make better decisions in the future
  • Did you know that philosophers have proposed answers for many of the questions we ask ourselves? Here are some philosophical concepts that everyone should know.

📚 Books

Five Day Course In Thinking
Edward de Bono’s book: Five Day Course In Thinking

📱 Apps

  • Experience the weather like never before. Optic Weather has AI suggested activities, a beautiful UI, vibrant videos, relaxing background music and sound effects. /Web, Android, Windows
  • Nook Calendar is the free calendar app and scheduling tool that helps busy professionals plan their time together. /Web, Mac, iOS, Android

✨ Inspiration

Photo by Tyler Domingue / Unsplash

🔝 Last issue's most clicked

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