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RI#166 - Math shortcuts/6000 thoughts/Home remedies

RI#166 - Math shortcuts/6000 thoughts/Home remedies
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🌐 Websites

  • Say goodbye to juggling multiple links ! Section.fyi makes it easy to showcase all your important links in one place, just like Linktree.
  • Use Arrange’s digital planner to create a schedule for anything you’ve got coming up. With automagical Google calendar syncing, it’s never been easier to plan ahead.

📝 Articles

  • Lifehacker presents 15 popular home remedies, and whether or not they actually work?
  • Even in an age of smartphones, crunching numbers quickly — and getting good at it — can give you snappy, useful answers to pressing real-life math questions such as, Is this shirt a good deal? or How much should I tip my Uber driver? Here are some good mental math shortcuts to keep under your hat.

📚 Books

30 Best Detective Books of All Time
In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best detective books and mystery series of all time.

📱 Apps

  • Personal coach for your thoughts. 6000 thoughts is the easiest way to create clarity of thought, identify thinking traps and get peace of mind /Android, iOS
  • MedGPT is your personal AI Doctor! Search for medicines, diagnoses & treatments. Just type-in and hit search. Based on the hot GPT-4 API, your doctor is as smart as it can get. /Android

✨ Inspiration

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