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RI#167 - Animated infographics/Twitter alternative/Is sensitiveness a weakness?

RI#167 - Animated infographics/Twitter alternative/Is sensitiveness a weakness?
Photo by Simon Berger / Unsplash

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🌐 Websites

  • Brevity will help you transform long form content into clear summaries. Save time with this nice online tool.
  • ANIMAGRAFFS is providing animated infographics about everything. Want to find how a fire truck or cryptocurrency works? ANIMAGRAFFS is the right place.

πŸ“ Articles

  • There are plenty of traits we take pride in but being β€œsensitive” is usually perceived as a weakness. Here's why it is actually a strength.
  • One November night in the 1870s, legendary Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky discovered the meaning of life in a dream β€” or, at least, the protagonist in his final short story did
  • BONUS: 5 tips for a successful side hustle. Tips you can use to stop your side project from becoming a burden.

πŸ“š Books

45 Of The Funniest Books Ever Written
Some of the finest comedy tomes ever put into print

πŸ“± Apps

  • Your home feed should be filled with what matters to you most, not what a corporation thinks you should see. Radically different social media, back in the hands of the people. Mastodon is a social networking that's not for sale. /Android, iOS

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✨ Inspiration

Parvati River during autumn season
Photo by thugbong / Unsplash

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