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RI#168 - Pro spreadsheet tips/No sensation news/AI-powered news reporter

RI#168 - Pro spreadsheet tips/No sensation news/AI-powered news reporter
Photo by Pramod Tiwari / Unsplash

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🌐 Websites

  • Recapit is your AI-powered news reporter. Simplify your news intake with a daily audio rundown of the most relevant stories in your topics of interest, delivered straight to your WhatsApp or Telegram.

πŸ“ Articles

  • Many of us have been there: sitting in the middle of some beautiful destination on a much-anticipated getaway, on the beach or in the mountains or wherever strikes our fancy, and ... staring at our phones. Your phone is ruining your vacation. When in Rome β€” or Cabo or Tokyo β€” put down your phone.
  • Let’s all come together and face it: spreadsheets can be scary. Here are 3 spreadsheet tips to make beginners feel like pros.

πŸ“š Books

The Greatest Books of All Time, As Voted by 125 Famous Authors
Why Tolstoy is 11.6% better than Shakespeare.

πŸ“± App

  • Boring Report is an app that aims to remove sensationalism from the news and makes it boring to read. In today's world, catchy headlines and articles often distract readers from the actual facts and relevant information. /iOS, Web
  • Toodledo is a flexible and multi-functional tool that will improve your productivity. /Android, iOS

✨ Inspiration

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Animagraffs - Animated infographics about everything.
Animated infographics about everything.

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