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RI#170 - Free your mind/Online audio toolkit/Keep low expectations

RI#170 - Free your mind/Online audio toolkit/Keep low expectations
Photo by Jonny Gios / Unsplash

Hello people !

First sorry about the delay in sending this issue. It was due to a technical problem.

I’m Alex, the author of the Rabbit Ideas Newsletter. Every week I find useful resources online and share them with you.

Let's check this week's links!

🌐 Websites

  • Eat This Much creates personalized meal plans based on your food preferences, budget, and schedule. Reach your diet and nutritional goals with our calorie calculator, weekly meal plans, grocery lists and more.
  • Your online audio toolkit. AudioAlter is a collection of easy-to-use web tools for all your audio files.

📝 Articles

  • Great piece on how you should keep your expectations low: "Instead of chasing happiness, which is fleeting, people should be after contentment, which is similar but more enduring."
  • Avoiding our emotions is not good for our mental health. A psychologist explains how to break the habit and embrace your vulnerability.

📱 Apps

  • AI Picasso will help you to create amazing artwork with powerful AI! Just write the prompt and it will generate a beautiful illustration of your words. /Android, iOS
  • Too much on your mind? Thinkdrop aims to help you by unloading your thoughts and thus your mind /iOS

✨ Inspiration

Photo by Jonny Gios / Unsplash

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