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RI#174 - Simple day planner/Learn how to learn/The meaning of your dreams

RI#174 - Simple day planner/Learn how to learn/The meaning of your dreams
Photo by Luke Wass / Unsplash

Hello people !

I’m Alex, the author of the Rabbit Ideas Newsletter. Every week I find useful resources online and share them with you.

Let's check this week's links!

🌐 Websites

  • focustxt is a simple, ephemeral daily planner you can use in your browser. All your data is auto-saved and stored locally
  • Stretch 15 is a free 15 minute daily stretch routine to help you avoid aches and pains

📝 Articles

  • Why suicide rates are dropping around the world. Over the past couple of decades, global suicide prevention efforts have reduced deaths by a third—but some countries are falling behind.
  • A list of some of the best approachable and actionable books on learning. Learn how to learn!

📱 Apps

  • Another weather app? Yes, but its experience is the epitome of convenience and intelligence. Simply install the app and stay prepared for any weather with the handy widget. /Android ($1,20)
  • Want to know the meaning behind your dream? Your dreams tell a story about you. Understand the meaning of your dreams with DreamAi.

✨ Inspiration

Photo by Steven Cordes / Unsplash

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