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RI#188 - Photography tips/ Weather apps/ Sleeping comfortable

RI#188 - Photography tips/ Weather apps/ Sleeping comfortable
Photo by NEOM / Unsplash

Hello people !

Iโ€™m Alex, the author of the Rabbit Ideas Newsletter. Every week I find useful resources online and share them with you.

Let's check this week's links!

๐ŸŒ Websites

  • Try these great photography tips and tutorials from Digital Photography School
  • Learn photography interactively. Photoskop is a new way to explore the world of photography by interactive learning. Learn by doing. It's free!

๐Ÿ“ Articles

  • 5 ways to prevent dust in a bedroom โ€“ to settle allergies and sleep soundly
    Dust is unavoidable, but there are some simple ways to limit it in the bedroom.
  • Some swear by a night on their side, others on their back. But which sleeping position is the best for a good night's rest?

๐Ÿ“ฑ Apps

  • Fashion Frog will suggest suitable outfit to wear depending on the weather. It's designed for men and women, so why not try it today? /Android, iOS
  • Don't get caught in the rain by surprise. Rainbow.ai notifies you about weather changes for your precise location. Powered by AI technology. /Android, iOS

โœจ Inspiration

Ein Bergsee in den ร–sterreichischen Alpen mit blauen Gletscherwasser, im Sommer.
Photo by Jan Kohl / Unsplash

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