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RI#193 - Music theory/Couple money manager/What others think

RI#193 - Music theory/Couple money manager/What others think
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🌐 Websites

  • Checkvist offers a keyboard-driven list making with maximum efficiency and control over tasks, outlines, to-dos, writing, and planning. Add tags, due dates, priorities, attachments, and you have flexible solutions for many jobs. From task management and software release planning to research, teaching, and writing—Checkvist can handle it all.
  • Toby Rush created a guide to music theory for musicians and normal people. It is in PDF format and you can download it or read it in different languages.

📝 Articles

  • In terms of brain activity, imagining something is very similar to seeing it, so why don’t you confuse the two more often?
  • When you’re worried about what someone thinks of you, it’s rarely about that person’s opinions of you...

📱 Apps

  • One sentence a day to learn more about yourself. Punkt makes journaling easy and fun. /iOS
  • Honeydue is the simplest way for couples to manage money. Outsmart money, together. /Android, iOS

✨ Inspiration

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