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RI#195 - 100 ways to live better/AI stories for children/Historical atlas

RI#195 - 100 ways to live better/AI stories for children/Historical atlas
Photo by Hari Manivannan / Unsplash

Hello people !

I’m Alex, the author of the Rabbit Ideas Newsletter. Every week I find useful resources online and share them with you.

Let's check this week's links!

🌐 Websites

  • PHERSU ATLAS is a global historical atlas covering 5,000 years. It covers the entire World day by day from January the 1st 3499 BC to November the 20th 2022 AD.
  • Neevt is a search engine that is focused on privacy. Find answers, discover trends, and access a world of information effortlessly. No ads, no tracking.

πŸ“ Articles

  • Jakob Falkovich found 100 ways to live better. The list consists of different life areas as main points and concrete advices for each of them.
  • Time shares a list of The 100 best mystery and thriller books of all time. As this is one of my favorite genres I decided you may be interested too.

πŸ“± Apps

  • GrapeGPT is your personal sommelier in your pocket. Just take a photo of the wine list and the magic will happen. /iOS
  • Mystoria helps you create personalized stories for your child, according to their imagination and dreams, thanks to the magic of AI. /Android, iOS

✨ Inspiration

a mountain covered in fog with trees on top
Photo by Gloria Cretu / Unsplash

πŸ” Last issue's most clicked

Great news β€” social media is falling apart
I don’t know where to post: there are too many social platforms, and the old giants are dying. The age of social media is splintering.

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