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RI#197 - Political atlas/Battery myths/Learn history daily

RI#197 - Political atlas/Battery myths/Learn history daily
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Hello people !

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Let's check this week's links!

🌐 Websites

  • Atlas Politica is a live, visual news site on global news, geopolitics, conflicts and more. Watch news and event as they happen on a live map! This can really help you to better understand the connections and possible outcomes of different events.
  • With Unwrapped News you can get concise, factual summaries before clicking on articles and save time, get less distracted while still being updated, and enjoy the new era of news consumption.

📝 Articles

  • Yes, charging your phone overnight is bad for its battery. And no, you don’t need to turn off your device to give the battery a break. Here’s the truth behind the biggest (and dumbest) battery myths.
  • The platform era is ending. Rather than build new Twitters and Facebooks, we can create a stuff-posting system that works better for everybody.

📱 Apps

  • Looking for an easy-to-use notepad for quick note-taking? Need a convenient memo pad for to-do lists and shopping lists? WeNote is an easy to use notebook for notes, to do list, shopping list, reminders, calendar. /iOS, Android
  • Learn history, daily. Herodotus is a project under development that makes learning history and general knowledge easy and fun. /Web

✨ Inspiration

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