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RI#203 - How to be successful in life/Spotify client/What those lyrics mean

RI#203 - How to be successful in life/Spotify client/What those lyrics mean
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🌐 Websites

  • Securely safeguard your cherished memories with Phorevr - affordable, subscription-free photo storage solution. Pay once, and your photos will be preserved indefinitely, all for just $0.01 per photo.
  • Unveil the captivating stories and hidden meanings behind your favorite songs with Songtell, an AI-powered platform that unlocks the deeper layers of their lyrics.

📝 Articles

  • The conventional wisdom about success is often misleading and incomplete. It emphasizes external factors like fame, wealth, and power, while neglecting the importance of internal qualities like character, integrity, and resilience. True success is about aligning your actions with your values and living a life that is both meaningful and authentic.
  • Nations worldwide are in a competitive race to establish regulatory frameworks for artificial intelligence, grappling with the crucial question of who holds the authority to set the rules and standards governing AI technologies.

📱 Apps

  • LikeMind is the app that helps you reach your goals and build a motivating network of like-minded people. With LikeMind, you can set your personal goals, track progress, and share your journey with others. /Android, iOS
  • Spotube is a fast, modern, lightweight & efficient Spotify Music Client for every platform. /Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android

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