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RI#205 - Think before you speak/Soothing noises/Work and hobby organizer

RI#205 - Think before you speak/Soothing noises/Work and hobby organizer
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Happy New Year!

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To the links!

🌐 Websites

  • Moodist is another site to generate soothing noises. I guess I'll never stop sharing such sites with you. They all have something unique and fascinating. And really for me, along with coffee, they are a powerful tool at work.
  • Authorless is a space for you to share anything that sparks joy, curiosity, or excitement! Whether it's a fascinating article, a favorite quote, or an original creation, your contribution is what makes this community thrive.

📝 Articles

  • This article from WIRED discusses the phenomenon of revenge bedtime procrastination, which is the tendency to stay up late even when you know you should be going to bed. It explores the reasons behind this behavior and offers tips for overcoming it.
  • Thinking before speaking should be a school subject. In today's polarized environment, it is more important than ever to be mindful of our words and how they can be interpreted. This article provides tips for avoiding impulsive speech and engaging in more constructive conversations.

📱 Apps

  • Turn each day into simple and actionable steps. TimeNoder helps you to organize your work and hobbies into actionable tasks that you then put into your timeline! /Android, iOS
  • The Twine Launcher is a new type of launcher that integrates AI features and organizes your apps based on how you use them. /Android

✨ Inspiration

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