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RI#212 - Alternative to X/Accept and let go/Superlist

RI#212 - Alternative to X/Accept and let go/Superlist
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Let's check this week's links!

🌐 Websites

  • We all hate paywalls, these paywall removers can help with that. Simply enter the URL of the article and click the archive buttons to remove any paywall.
  • X alternative Bluesky is not free for everyone to join. The platform became open to all public registrations on 6 February 2024, when the previous invitation-only format was dropped.

📝 Articles

  • How 'The Five Love Languages' can improve your relationships? We all express and feel love differently, and understanding those differences can seriously help your relationship. In fact, it’s one of the simplest ways to improve it.
  • A timeless advice: Accept and let go. The article emphasizes the importance of graciously accepting praise without downplaying it.

📱 Apps

  • Linga is an app that will help you to learn languages. Learn a language effortlessly by reading your favorite books in your target language! /Android, APK, iOS
  • Superlist is the home for all your lists. /Web, Mac, Android, iOS

✨ Inspiration

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