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RI#213 - Personal security checklist/AI interior design/SAD

RI#213 - Personal security checklist/AI interior design/SAD
Photo by Lucas Canino / Unsplash

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🌐 Websites

  • The Ultimate Personal Security Checklist is your guide to securing your digital life and protecting your privacy.
  • Stract is an open source search engine where the user has the ability to see exactly what is going on and customize almost everything about their search results. No more searches where some of the terms in the query arent used, and the engine tries to guess what you really meant. You get what you search for.

📝 Articles

  • How to handle the winter blues, no matter where you live. What seasonal affective disorder can tell us about ourselves.
  • Some people can strike off on any journey with no guide except their 'pigeon senses'. How do they do it? And can this ability be learned?

📱 Apps

  • RoomGenius is your AI-enabled personal interior designer. Create endless interior design variants in seconds with the power of AI and seamlessly discover matching furniture to bring your vision to life! /Android, iOS
  • So many photos you have no storage left? Meet Swipe&Delete — your solution for a clutter-free camera roll. Simplify your photo management: swipe right to save a memory, left to discard it, and enjoy a new and clean gallery. /Android, iOS

✨ Inspiration

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Photo by Jose Figueroa / Unsplash

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