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RI#216 - Infinite library problem/Digital insights/In-browser to-do lists

RI#216 - Infinite library problem/Digital insights/In-browser to-do lists
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🌐 Websites

  • Write down your work with wise owl. Avoid feeling overwhelmed by calendarizing your tasks. Easily see what you need to get done today, what you did yesterday, and what you can leave for tomorrow. Directly in your browser.
  • With Booklinkr, you can compile all your favorite books into one convenient link, making it simple to share your reading recommendations with friends, family, and fellow book lovers.

📝 Articles

  • This article by Scott H Young explores the concept of the "Infinite Library Problem," proposing that with an infinite number of books and finite time, one can never read all the books. It delves into the implications of this dilemma for personal development, emphasizing the importance of strategic selection and prioritization in learning endeavors.
  • Have you ever been stunned into silence by an insult—only to think of the perfect witty comeback two hours too late?

📱 Apps

  • Your daily app for digital insights. Swipe through curated digital marketing and analytics content from 100+ trusted sources. Discover, learn, and stay ahead - all with a simple swipe. /Android, iOS
  • If you’re a die-hard football fan, then 12th is the app for you. Get behind-the-scenes access to insider news straight from the footballer’s mouth. Stay up-to-date with the latest updates from your favorite clubs and players, all in one place. /Android, iOS

✨ Inspiration

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