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RI#218 - Scientific papers/Spending time alone/Bring order to chaos

RI#218 - Scientific papers/Spending time alone/Bring order to chaos
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🌐 Websites

  • What is this cloud? Will it rain or it just looks bad? Learn to easily identify and classify clouds. Cloud identification made easy... cirrus-ly!
  • Stay updated daily with vital scientific papers. Get your AI Agent that reads papers and sends you a personalized insights newsletter.

📝 Articles

  • Watch out for these phrases! 6 оf the most passive-aggressive phrases you’re probably using (but shouldn’t be)
  • With growing numbers of people living without partners and children, and working from home, more of us are spending time alone. But is this actually a problem?

📱 Apps

  • The app to keep track of everything. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to order with bring.order2chaos /Android, iOS
  • Master languages effortlessly with Glosa. Engage, learn, and succeed. /Android, iOS

✨ Inspiration

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