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RI#228 - AI SFX/Privacy browsers/Voice notes

RI#228 - AI SFX/Privacy browsers/Voice notes
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🌐 Websites

  • Create realistic AI sounds with our AI sound effect generator. Customize and produce high-quality artificial intelligence sound effects for your projects.
  • Get all your news in one place. No more chaos of browsing multiple sites.
    Stay ahead of the curve with trending news delivered in real time.

📝 Articles

  • It’s time to switch to a privacy browser. Ad trackers are out of control. Use a browser that reins them in.
  • It starts getting hot now. Here is a great piece from TIME on how to properly cool your home with a fan.

📱 Apps

  • Voicenotes is a place to dump your thoughts. Record new ideas, family moments, meetings, podcast takeaways, anything. /Web, Android, iOS
  • MiniMoon is a player and manager for your local music library with a clean, modern, and intuitive interface. Find things fast with the quick search feature and rediscover lost gems in your collection with the I'm feeling lucky feature. /Android, iOS, MacOS

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