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RI#154 - Hobby disco/Twitter alternatives/Best book covers

RI#154 - Hobby disco/Twitter alternatives/Best book covers
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🌐 Websites

  • Hobby Disco can help you to discover new hobbies and find everything you need to start.
  • With Tierify you can make tier lists of your favorite albums, tracks and artists. Just connect with Spotify and start making those lists!

📝 Articles

  • Caring for a six month baby boy makes all tips for better sleep unusable, but you can still learn a lot about better sleep from truckers. These guys really know how to maximize their sleep schedules.
  • I deleted my Twitter account the day they announced the closing of Revue. I can not use a website that can just close tomorrow morning because it's new owner didn't sleep well. If you are also looking to leave Twitter, the article below gives you some good alternatives. My choice - Mastodon.

📚 Books

They say do not judge the book by it's cover. That is exactly what Lithub did:

The 103 Best Book Covers of 2022
For what is now the seventh time in a row, I am pleased to present the best book covers of the year—as chosen by some of the industry’s best book cover designers. This year, I asked 31 design…

📱 Apps

  • It’s no secret that a huge number of companies are collecting, buying and selling data about us. Find out what information they collect, and take action to help protect yourself with Permission Slip. /iOS, Android coming soon
  • Moodistory is your mood tracker app to improve and foster your mental health, happiness, and well-being. /iOS, Android

✨ Inspiration

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Philosophy Bro
Sup? Philosophy Bro explains complex ideas of philosophy in easy to understand language, created by Tommy Maranges, the author of Descartes’ Meditations, Bro.

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