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RI#156 - Productivity tools/Morning pages/Books to change your mind

RI#156 - Productivity tools/Morning pages/Books to change your mind
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🌐 Websites

  • The wikipedia for productivity tools, curated by Keep Productive.
  • Leets is the place where anyone can share their discoveries of new hits, support emerging artists and discover new cool music daily.

📝 Articles

  • If anyone knows the secret to happiness, it’s surely the people who have dedicated their careers to studying it.
  • Heard about this exercise called Morning Pages? No? Me too. But now I think I will give it a try.

📚 Books

‘It altered my entire worldview’: leading authors pick eight nonfiction books to change your mind
Steven Pinker, Mary Beard, Rebecca Solnit and others reveal the books that made them see the world differently

📱 Apps

  • SuperPlanner is an innovative visual day planner and task manager to get things done. /iOS
  • Momentory is a journaling app that will help you cultivate gratitude and release worry. /iOS, Android

✨ Inspiration

Bloody Moon
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The Psychological Mind Tricks That Actually Work
These “mind tricks” are backed by actual science and research.

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