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Rabbit Ideas #001

Hello everybody.

I'm starting this first issue thinking how I can structure this whole thing so it can fully deliver my ideas in clear and understandable way. What you can expect in the beginning is one issue every week containing useful links, tips and ideas you can use however you please.

Let's begin!


  • Melody ML and Moises.ai are two tools that can separate an audio file to its core parts: vocals, drums, melody, etc.

completely free HD video and art for you to use, anywhere.

  • Here we have two websites to track the corona virus. One is the coronavirus.app and the other one is gisanddatamaps. I can only guess the data comes from the same source, but you can choose the design that better suits you.

  • Sick of repeating your wifi name and passowrd everytime guests come over your place? Use MyWiFiSign to create a sign you can print and place where others can see it!


  • In the last 2 years I learned to think of my personal information as of something very important. I want to keep myself as private as I can. That's why I am using Duck Duck Go for my online searches just like James Temperton.

  • I still don't have children, but I am starting to think about it, so when I see an article like this, I read it. It explains why you shouldn't buy holiday gifts for babies or toddlers. The writer has a point!

  • I have ever been kind of organization freak. And even now when I have deleted 90% of my online accounts I still check for different tools to make my life easier. So I found this huge list of every bookmark manager ever made (which is a little bit of exaggerated statement but however...)

So this is all for this first issue. Stay tuned, I have more ideas and tools to share with you!