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Rabbit Ideas #016

Hey people. Let me introduce to you the next issue of Rabbit Ideas newsletter:


  • These days you need different image size for different purposes. Resizing.app is going to help you next time you need an image to be exactly 379x493.

  • Get ideas for new innovations or just be inspired. Really Good Innovation is a curated collection of the best innovation resources, with new inspiration posted daily.


  • With the coronavirus pandemic worlds economies are going through hard times. But you can win from this chaos. Now is just the right time to start investing. If you are interested - here are the basics: What exactly is the stock market

  • Books are something very special. They are the words someone left for you to read. They had something to say. You can "hear" it with your eyes. It is not just a book, it is the wisdom of the centuries left for you to collect. Here is how to start reading more.


  • Omelo helps you plan your life on a simple and powerful timeline. /Android, Web

  • Candider lets you ask any question, and receive response from real people! Real human knowledge. Google is a search engine, a machine. Ask real people, receive real answers to your questions.


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To an amazing week!