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Rabbit Ideas #027

Hello all! We are here again with this week's cool stuff for you.


  • Since I started investing on eToro I am constantly trying to find good information before investing in a stock. Bullish.email is a daily newsletter which gives you insight on the stock market. Free and paid versions available. The free version is more than enought to receive useful information.

  • SkillTube collects all the greatest courses available on YouTube and gives them to you to learn whatever you want! Some courses even offer a certificate.


  • You have to always have a Plan B for your privacy. That's why you need to know what burner phone is and for what you can use it (not necessarily illegal activities)


  • ActivityTracker tracks your all-day activity without wearing a fitness gadget, and without draining your phone's battery (no GPS). /Android, iOS


Photo by Arun Clarke on Unsplash

Thanks for reading guys!