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Rabbit Ideas #030

So we have 30 issues already guys! Let's go!


  • Another way to create a QR code for your guests to connect to your home network without telling them your password.

  • Rest of World is an international nonprofit journalism organization. They document what happens when technology, culture and the human experience collide, in places that are typically overlooked and underestimated.



  • HabitCat is a simple tool that helps you develop any habit you want. Create a habit, set your goals, and start tracking your progress. No annoying notifications or alarms, no advertising. With HabitCat you stay in control and keep you focus on what matters to you. /Android

  • Blending modern neuroscience with the wisdom of psychology, Trip takes you on a self-guided journey to help you make the most of your consciousness-expanding experiences. /Android, iOS

In Memoriam

To all cats that die on the roads hit by a car. Rest in peace my little friends!

Thank you for reading! See ya next week.