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Rabbit Ideas #033

Hello people! I have been checking the best resources this week to share with you. Let's go!


  • Charity is cool! And if you are not Greta Thunberg, you can contribute for saving the planet by planting a tree. It costs just $3 to plant one tree, so you can have tour own forest in no time!

  • Based on sleep cycles, wakeupti.me helps you feel fresh when you wake up in the morning. I really hope it works.


  • In the last months I started using DuckDuckGo for my online searches. Problem is it doesn't really find the best results (and the ones I am actually searching for), so in the last weeks I turned back to Google. Here are 13 alternatives that find what google can't. Or at least they say so...


  • RapidDoc is an app that you can use to scan documents, but the better use of it is for editing PDFs in every way you can imagine! /Android


Autumn is coming! Listening to Chicane - Autumn Tactics (link below)
Autumn Tactics

Autumn Tactics

Provided to YouTube by Armada Autumn Tactics · Chicane Behind The Sun ℗ Modena Records under exclusive license to Armada Music B.V. Released on: 2000-03-27 A...

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