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Rabbit Ideas #039

Hey all! We are here with another issue. I hope you are all healthy and doing well. Let's go!


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I was thinking the other day... what is the thing that stops us from being successful? Is it procrastination? Is it lack of talent? Or maybe just not being lucky enough? But what I read later that day led me in another direction. We are social creatures and we hate being alone. So when a friend calls we just stop doing what we do and we go out for a coffee. Or for a beer... or five... You get the point. But to be successful people have to learn that the time they lose is the time that will make them great. Here is what I read that day:

“‘It is only half an hour’ — ‘It is only an afternoon’ — ‘It is only an evening,’ people say to me over and over again; but they don’t know that it is impossible to command one’s self sometimes to any stipulated and set disposal of five minutes — or that the mere consciousness of an engagement will sometime worry a whole day … Who ever is devoted to an art must be content to deliver himself wholly up to it, and to find his recompense in it. I am grieved if you suspect me of not wanting to see you, but I can’t help it; I must go in my way whether or no.”

_ Charles Dickens

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