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Rabbit Ideas #055

Today we have some really interesting picks to share with you. Let's go!


  • Yada is a platform for note-taking, document creation, and knowledge aggregation, where individual lines/blocks can be annotated/tagged. These blocks can be used to generate views that maintain consistency with any updates made to the source document. Supported views include flash cards, slideshows, and text documents, which can be used for various purposes such as studying, presenting, project planning, and more.


  • The US Army is building the world's most powerful laser weapon. Ever.


  • Castle gives you the opportunity to create interactive cards. They can be toys, scenes, stories, tiny games, animations, or just simple doodles. Combine cards into decks to create worlds to explore, or to tell branching, dynamic stories. /Android, iOS

  • VIMORY is the 100% social media friendly and optimized instant photo editing, video creation and slideshow making mobile app. It has been invented for youngsters, parents, friends and family, fashion models, bloggers, influencers, online marketers, sellers... you name it. /Android



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