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Rabbit Ideas #060

Hello people. Let's check todays links!


  • Purpley is your personal sommelier. It offers data-driven food and wine pairings available at your fingertips. I will personally try this to see if I like the combinations it offers.

  • Salad Room pretends to be the easiest way to share stuff between devices.

  • Covend: Find out the nearest possible date when Covid-19 pandemic could end


  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Actually, there's a great deal more hidden inside the modern digital image, says researcher Jerone Andrews.


  • Get Antistalker to protect your privacy. Antistalker runs silently in the background and it notifies you when other apps are using the camera or the microphone of your device. /Android

  • Habio is your personal assistant in the world of healthy habits. It helps to introduce healthy routines into your everyday life with ease and pleasure. /Android, iOS


Thanks for reading!