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Rabbit Ideas #101

Hello people! Let's check the links for today!


  • Get some news for the 21st Century! Be informed about internet of things, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, renewable energy and many more.

  • Learn to cook. Unlock new cards with tasty recipes and unique groceries. The fridge function lets you generate a recipe based on what groceries you have in the fridge.


  • I only have one article to recommend this week. It is called FOMO: Fear of Missing Out and I thought about it long after I finished reading. Here is a small part that will also serve as today's inspiration:
...For their part, classically-minded people acknowledge that there are of course some genuinely marvellous things going on in the world, but they doubt that the obvious signs of glamour are a good guide to finding them. The best novel in the world, they like to think, is probably not currently winning prizes or storming up the bestseller lists. It may be being written at this moment by an arthritic woman living in the otherwise unremarkable Latvian town of Liepāja.


  • Neat Air is a convenient Mac menu bar app that shows air quality at a peak. View AQI and air pollutants from anywhere in the world. No data hoarding trackers or complex mambo-jambo interfaces. /MacOS

  • Why do it in post, when you can do it in real-time? Optika serves you a wide variety of effects & LUT filters to make your boring typical camera a whole lot awesome. /Android

  • Write down your thought freely and quickly, sync automatically across devices on different platforms in real-time. Put it simply, Monoline is a messenger app but only for sending to yourself /iOS, MacOS, Android, Linux, Windows

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