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Rabbit Ideas #103

Hello {{first_name}} ! First of all, check the Feynman technique to learn anything quickly.


  • Readrrr is a simple web rss reader. It's simple and content oriented, while also keeps your privacy as a top priority.

  • 22 tips for 2022 podcast series by NPR is here to help you start — and continue — this year feeling refreshed, motivated and well cared-for.




  • Push to Kindle lets you send web articles (news stories, blog posts) to your Kindle for a better reading experience./Android

  • Most note-taking apps have fallen into the trap of stacking endless features. However, the ultimate purpose of note-taking is to inspire. And here comes Flomo. What truly matters is your thoughts. Not your notes. /Android, iOS


Photo by Mat Hayward on Unsplash

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