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RI#121 - Simple blogging/Your personal manifesto/Remember recommendations and more

Hello {{first_name}} !

🧠 A new study shows that bilingualism can slow and mitigate the course of age-related changes in the brain.

🌐 Websites

  • We live in a busy world. Mataroa.blog is a naked blogging platform, for minimalists. No ads, zero tracking. Just write.

  • You think you know the country flags of the world? You can check your knowledge with Flaggr.

πŸ“ Articles

πŸ“™ Books

100 Great Books To Read In A Lifetime - Darius Foroux

100 Great Books To Read In A Lifetime - Darius Foroux

Reading teaches you how to do things. There’s a book for everything. Here are the 100 great books that influenced me. I highly recommend them.

πŸ“± Apps

  • Save in one place everything you want to remember: great books, must-see movies or amazing places recommended by friends. Make your life memorable with Memorizer. /Android, iOS

  • Ivella was founded with the simple goal of creating the best in class banking products for couples. /iOS

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