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RI#125 - Printable planners, Pinterest for learning, Travel tips, The Einstein factor

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🌐 Websites

  • Sweetfont is the perfect place to find the best font for your new project!

πŸ“ Articles

  • How do you establish the habits of personal knowledge management in your life? Here are twelve practical steps you can take right now to get your Second Brain started.

  • Travel tips from Jim Kitchen, who's visited all 193 UN-recognized countries... AND space.

πŸ“™ Books

The Einstein Factor: A Proven New Method for Increasing Your Intelligence

The Einstein Factor: A Proven New Method for Increasing Your Intelligence

New research suggests that the superior achievements of famous thinkers may have been more the result of mental conditioning than genetic superiority. Now you can learn to condition your mind in the same way and improve your performance in virtually all aspects of mental ability, including memory, quickness, IQ, and learning capacity.

The Einstein Factor is your key to living an extraordinarily effective and creative life!.

πŸ“± Apps

  • Gilly is the relationship intimacy app for very busy couples. It will help you keep the spark alive, without it feeling like β€œwork”. /iOS, Android (BETA)

✨ Inspiration

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