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RI#127 - Music industry toolkit/The law of reversed effort/3 books for learners

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One week is over, another is to come. And I am here again to share with you some interesting things I've found online. Check the links below and let me know if you liked something.

šŸŒ Websites

  • The Music Industry Toolkit is a resource directory created and curated by MAJOR to discover tools and knowledge used by music industry professionals to power their career in the music industry.

  • Watch some nicely curated, free documentaries on I have no TV

šŸ“ Articles

šŸ“™ Books

3 Non-negotiable Books You Should Read to Accelerate Any Kind of Learning

3 Non-negotiable Books You Should Read to Accelerate Any Kind of Learning

To develop understanding, you need to learn the metaskills to turn what you read into something useful in the long run. Here are 3 books to teach you.

šŸ“± Apps

  • GAME A game for advanced puzzlers who are not afraid of challenging puzzles. Take your gray cells to a new level and crack increasingly tricky levels. SuperInk will put your logic and creativity to the test. /iOS, Android

  • Cryptocase enables experienced and novice investors to make well-informed, confident, and prudent investing choices. /Android

āœØ Inspiration

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