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RI#133 - Tips to improve life/Micro habits/Summarized news

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This is our issue number 133. Let's check what is in it.

šŸŒ Websites

  • Plan your next trip with friends using Plan Harmony. Create a calendar, maintain a budget and vote for a decision.

  • Curated links to the very best documentaries from BBC, Channel 4, Netflix, VICE, YouTube, Vimeo and more. This is Rocumentaries.

šŸ“ Articles

  • Here are 21 micro habits that can be done in about a minute but will boost your productivity by 100% over time.

šŸ“™ Books

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The 10 Best Books on Productivity

The 10 Best Books on Productivity

Productivity is about doing more with less. Here are the ten best books to help you finish your work without stress and exhaustion.

šŸ“± Apps

  • KwikNews is a news app that summarizes news in a short format. Simple and easy to use. Just swipe up and read the news. Save time by reading summarized short news. /Android

  • Create awareness of the things you do, you want to do, you feel or you experience. With Awarly. /Android, iOS

  • Manage your tasks and events quickly, stay motivated with Flows and connect with your friends. This is Flowductive. /iOS

āœØ Inspiration

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