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RI#138 - Einstein's diet/Know what you breathe/Best of everything

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🌐 Websites

  • Discover the best of anything with Bestlist. Your personalized, discovery platform. Bestlist cuts through the increasing noise of the web and delivers you tailored results that suit you best. VISIT WEBSITE

  • Task Management. Made Easy. Weekrise is a simple and effective weekly task planner. VISIT WEBSITE

📝 Articles

  • Very entertaining article even if it does not really have any scientific significance: What did Einstein eat? Inside the diet of the famed physicist. Was Einstein’s genius, as some have claimed, aided by what he ate? Let’s find out. READ ARTICLE

  • Leo Babauta shares a series of brief contemplations on the shortness of life, that he finds valuable. READ ARTICLE

📙 Books

How to Read The Lord of the Rings In Order

How to Read The Lord of the Rings In Order

J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy masterpiece spans three volumes, but don't stop there. Beyond The Lord of the Rings lies a whole world of mythmaking to explore.

📱 Apps

  • Aircare is a mobile app that tracks air quality, pollen, and UV data across the globe. Know what you breathe! /Android, iOS, Huawei VISIT WEBSITE

  • Stillgram is an AI point & shoot camera app that magically removes background crowds from your city and travel photos. /iOS VISIT WEBSITE

✨ Inspiration

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sunset over swiss mountains
43 life lessons at age 43 | RadReads

43 life lessons at age 43 | RadReads

It’s my 43rd birthday and I’ve lived a little, laughed a bunch and learned some stuff along the way. Here are 43 lessons on life, money and happiness that I’ve collected along the way.

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