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Rabbit Ideas #007

Hey people, we are here again with the seventh issue of Rabbit Ideas newsletter. Let's go!


  • Because of the Covid-19 most of the companies started giving their employees the opportunity to work from home. Springworks gives us a curated resource repository of articles, books, podcasts, tools, products and more you need to start, run or be part of a productive remote team.


  • BBC Future shows us the cost of our online activities. Turns out that browsing the internet isn't as harmless as we think.


  • As our attention span decreases, Volv is here to help us receive most important news. The news are written in a way that helps you read them for less than 10 seconds, which is good for busy people. /Android, iOS

  • Fladrop is an instant file sharing tool which connects your PC with your phone. You simpy scan a QR code and voila! Let the filesharing begin! /Android, iOS, Web

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