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Rabbit Ideas #008

Hi everyone. Main topic today is living with the virus. So we have some cool quarantine toys and some serious advices too.

Let's check 'em!


  • Social distancing shouldn't mean social isolation. That's why on VirtualAssemblyClub you can find 100+ FREE high-quality Virtual Events, Courses, Tools & Volunteering opportunities to keep you connected. And it is updated daily.

  • Need icons for your new project? Flat Icons is here for you. They have some really beautiful packs.


  • There is too much to think about these days. And with the corona virus around our thoughts become mostly negative. Here is how to stay positive in this stressful situation.


  • More and more DJs and bands play their music live while self-isolating due to SARS-COV-2. You can do it yourself with JQBX (Jukebox). It is a web app that let's you play your favourite music for other people to listen. They can in turn vote for your tracks with dope or lame. /Web

Idea: How to stop touching your face

A 2015 study in University of North South Wales, Sydney, Australia shows that students touch their faces around 23 times an hour! Well I tell you what, with the corona virus now you don't want to touch your face this much.

  1. Wear a mask and glasses. Official said it several times - masks do not help protecting you from catching the virus - it is too small and can go through the mask. But they can really help you stop touching your face. Easiest way for the virus in our bodies is through the mouth, nose and eyes and if you do not touch these parts of your body it will be less likely for you to get infected.
  2. Make it conscious. Be aware of wanting to touch your face. Keep a note on your desk or make a reccuring alarm on your phone that will remind you to not touch your face.
  3. Use the back of your arm. If there is no way to resist touching your face, you can reduce the risk by using the back of your arm. Not hand, arm.

Keep calm and practice social distancing.

See you,