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Rabbit Ideas #009

Hello everyone! It is April aready.

Let's check what's in todays issue!


  • In the situation that we find ourselves now, we can see more and more companies let their employees work from home. I truly believe that will continue after the pandemic is over. Modern day jobs is giving you a curated list of 100 modern ways to make money. Online. From home.


  • Еven though I'm not using Facebook at the moment I am fully aware of its power as a social and marketing tool. That is why I cannot miss an article like this one at Makeuseof by Joel Lee. Joel have listed all the tips and trick you need to become a Facebook power user. Enjoy!

  • There is one phrase I hear frequently these days.
Hopefully the pandemic will be over soon and everything will return to its normal rhythm.

But I don't think it should be that way. We don't have to go to the "normal rhythm". What happens now is this - the planet recovers from years of destruction, caused by human activity. We can see clearer water, less air pollution, more wild life, etc. And we have to keep doing this even after the pandemic is over. Because if we don't, something worse will come our way.


  • If you are a Shazam fan you may not know about SoundHound. It is my favourite music discovery tool. The team behind it have now presented to us "the fastest and smartest voice assistant". Meet Hound. Here is what The Verge says about it:
“Without a doubt the smartest and fastest voice-based assistant I've ever seen.”

/Android, iOS

  • Evernote didn't work for me, so I continue trying to find the system that will collect all the knowledge I need to remember and further help me to find connections between seemingly unrelated chunks of information. Now I check an app called Brainio. It mixes note taking and mind maps, which I believe is a good combination to try. /Web, Windows

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