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Rabbit Ideas #010

Hi everyone! We are back again for the 10th issue.


  • If there is something good about the pandemic, it is the fact that more and more people are starting to work from home. Remote Openings is one of the many websites you can use to find your next WFH* position! Because "the future of work is remote".

*Work From Home


  • Here are 70+ tips and tricks you should know about your Android / iPhone


  • When I was a kid I created all sorts of small games to play with my friends. Some of them were really just for me, I simply loved the process of creating them. Today I found Buildbox - a tool for creating your own 2D or 3D games without coding. And it is free. /Windows, Mac OS

  • Zenkit is a tool which lets you organize everything. You can create workspaces, which are groups of collections. A collection is a group of documents, tasks or other chunks of information. That way, you have full control over the information for every single project or any other goal you may have. /Web, Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux

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