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Rabbit Ideas #012

Hello all! I am happy to send to you issue number twelve!

Check it out:


  • If you have hundreds (or thousands) of bookmarks, you probably need some kind of tool to keep them in check. Prism is a new bookmarking tool that gives you the option to curate all your favourite sites into neat visual boards. You can see a current screenshot of your bookmarks or a past one, depending on your taste.

  • If you are creating websites you most likely create them responsive. Everysize is a tool that will show you how your web page looks on different screen sizes.



  • Day Tracker is a pretty simple app. With it, you count days either up or down. So you can count how many days have passed after an event, or how many days are left until an event. /Android

  • 13 years ago Marc Andreessen wrote an article in which he gives us his wisdom regarding productivity. After all these years Terry Xu created a to-do app called Priorities, in which you can add tasks for today and tomorrow. That's all. The two most important days in your life. Today and tomorrow. /Android, iOS



The Unhackable Email Service | Freethink Coded

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