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Rabbit Ideas #018

Hey all! You are reading our issue number eighteen. Here is what we have in it for you:


  • In Cronycle you can create a hub with information about topics that interest you. It is one place to discover, curate, share and act on knowledge!

  • Three years ago I was a huge fan of subliminal affirmations. And by huge fan I mean listening to up to 6 hours of affirmations. Every. Single. Day. This is not necessary anymore. You can use affirmaty for 3 minutes a day to change your mindset.


  • I am not a big astronomy fan, but the few times I went outside the city to watch the stars it was pure magic. That's why I found this meteor shower calendar. Now I'm ready for the next peak.

  • In search of my perfect information system I found an article from 2016, written by Amy Schellenbaum. She recommends bullet journaling for tracking and organizing anything and everything in your life.


  • Mental models is an web app that gives you the tools necessary to think better and navigate life better. The app is basically universal, because when you scan the QR code from the website you just open it on your mobile browser.


We spoke about meteor showers. Remember?

That's all for today!

Thank you for reading.