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Rabbit Ideas #019

Good morning! Today we have some pretty awesome suggestions for you. Let's check them:


  • Good Annotations gives you the ability to annotate any picture, photo or screenshot you have on your computer. You can create beautiful quote images or just annotate a screenshot to show your friend how to install something.

  • For me in the moment there are two main reasons to follow travel bans removal. First is if you want to travel somewhere and second is to know when airlines start to fly again which will help you make better investment choices.



  • One of my favourite online designt tools is now available as a standalone software. Download Canva for Windows or Mac and start creating awesome content!

  • We all know there are so many camera apps out there. But when you see a camera app created by Adobe, you know you have to try it! Try Photoshop Camera (and tell us if it's good, because it's not compatible with our devices ;)) /Android, iOS


Photo by Valeriy Poltorak on Reshot

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