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Rabbit Ideas #020

Here we are again people! This week we have a lot to share with you. Let's start:


  • NodeWeather is very clean and nice weather forecast web app. It takes information from Open Weather and honestly I prefer it instead of other weather forecast options.

  • If you are a photographer or for any other reason you need a watermark on your images - Fastwatermark is your thing. You can start using it for free, exporting up to two times a month (up to 20 images each) and for 5 USD a month you have unlimited exports. A bargain.


  • You have probably seen the photo of John Carlos and Tommie Smith’s rebellious gesture the day they won medals for the 200 meters at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City. What you may not know though is the story of the white man in that photo.

  • For the second article today I will just share the title as I believe it will be enough to make you read the material:

The Apps on My Phone Are Stalking Me


  • Use Snap Search and search the web without worrying about getting tracked online. Snap Search keeps you protected from the snoopy eyes and evil organizations. /Android

  • Make a Keen for every interest. Simply create a title, save related web searches to get a feed with new things to explore. /Web, Android


Be curious! // Photo by Demorris Giovonni Dodd on Reshot

Thank you for reading! I hope you found this issue useful. Share us with your friends so they can find their useful bit of information.

Be curious!