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Rabbit Ideas #023

Hello again people. I have some pretty interesting picks for you today.


  • Imprint is a new way of looking at blogging. It is a blogging community that let's you create a blog, share your content and engage with other autors about their posts.

  • Innovate gives you some interesting ideas and advices in the process of building your startup. You can see what successful founders do to build their projects.



  • cure.fit is a fitness app that can help you build your body the way you want. In these tough times with fitnesses closed this app can really be your saver. /Android, iOS

  • So you looked after your physical health. Now let's pay some attention to the mental health. Ensu helps you keep your mood in check by listening to music. Isn't that cool? /Android, iOS


Photo by De an Sun on Unsplash

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