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Rabbit Ideas #024

Hello again. You are reading Rabbit Ideas Newsletter and here is what we have prepared for you today:


  • You know about read it later websites like pocket and instapaper. I was a big fan of pocket. However, they miss something very important - that you can save something for later and still forget it. So? You have Link Drop. Link Drop will send you an email with the articles you have saved for later reading. You will basically send yourself your own newsletter! Hooray!

  • Do you want to know what books have shaped the success of famous people? Discover the books recommended by billionaires, icons, and world-class performers with  Most Recommended Books


  • Sometimes I think of writing a book someday. It will be a great experience for me. What? You are thinking the same? Then check these advices on how to write a book.

  • Since I have a microwave but don't use it that much anymore I want to know if it is safe to even use it to heat food. This article gives the answer.


  • Onlyoffice is: 1)Your personal online office, 2)100% compatible with Microsoft Office formats, 3)Right in your browser, 4)Free of charge. I hope you don't need more information. /Web, iOS, Android


Once upon a time... / Photo by Connor Houtman on Unsplash

Thank you all for reading.

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