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Rabbit Ideas #047

Happy New Year all! Be healthy! I hope you have many exciting experiences in 2021. Let's check the links.


  • One thing I think we should be doing more this year is budgeting. Outgoing is a really simple web app that helps you make your budget.

  • I have joined the waitinglist for Elza - The No Nosense Web Browser. Find it interesting?


  • If you are charging your phone every night (like me) you have to check this article.


  • Combining the wisdom of the stars with mindfulness and meditation, CHANI supports your growth and well-being. With the most detailed birth chart explanations available, real-time updates - specific to you - on how to work with the astrology of the moment. /iOS

  • I like this one. Looxie is an app that you can use to request someone to send you a photo from a certain place or location. So you are at home and it's raining outside. Ask for a beach photo to cheer up!  /Android

  • Our brains rewire to make repeated behaviours less effortful for us with each repetition, until they become automatic. That's what we call a habit. Everyday helps you build a habit. /Android


Happy New Year!

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