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Rabbit Ideas #046

Merry Christmas all! Let's check what we have for today:


  • Momento is a tool for people like me that love to buy domains even if they never use them. With Momento you can control all your domains from namecheap, godaddy, cloudflare, aws and google domains. It is still in early beta so I guess they will be adding more registars soon.

  • Organize endless lists of tasks, ideas, plans, movies to watch, books to read, anything you want to organize into an endless number of boards.



  • Yak Tack is an app that helps people remember words. It uses a simple, scientifically proven technique called spaced repetition to get people past the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve when learning new words. /Android, iOS

  • Addmin is a mobile application that simplifies the centralisation of your administrative documents in digital format, organises them automatically and allows you to process them where and when you want, in complete security.


Christmas 2020 be like...

Thank you for reading!

I wish you healthy, successful and full of love and good emotions 2021!

See you next year!