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Rabbit Ideas #045

Hello guys, we are here once again to show you what we found interesting on the internet in the last 7 days! Let's go!


  • Read carefully because this is interesting. The best year club aims to make 2021 the best year by getting people to do one unique good deed every month. If we are kind to each other we can make any year better!


  • While we might all enjoy the warm glow of helping out others or giving up a little of our time for charity, it could be doing us some physical good too.


  • LogicLike is an "engaging brain game" for kids AND adults. Feel smarter, train your memory, and increase your intelligence online! You have 14 days free trial after which you have to pay about 30USD for an year. /iOS, Android

  • It is always good when you have the right tool to remove the background of a photo. I give you two options. One is for Android and the other one is on the web. /Web, Android


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